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Tony J Bender I’d like to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas. Here’s a story I wrote in 2005. The clatter was tremendous. Decorative brass fireplace implements clanged off the bague or 9 style coreen imitation perle bracelets multi couche avec cristal strass bracelets pour mariage de cts brick hearth and a fine black cloud of soot billowed, and when it had cleared, there stood a man who looked just like the one in the Christmas cards right down Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life Home For ChristmasOK, so breloque boho disco ball bracelet tresse hommes perles de cuivre tisse bracelet pour femmes amitie The Triumvirate (Mom and my sisters) decreed qihe bijoux bracelet en pierre bracelets bracelets perles bleues chakra pierre bracelet de that we’d have German food for Christmas. coque huawei My three brothers and I are not consulted on decisions of yumfeel 2019 nouveau fait a la main 12 couleurs boheme bracelet coton fil gland bracelet et cheville such import, even though bague or peridot we constitute a majority, but we don have to cook, either. It may be a simple matter of public safety. It a relatively benevolent dictatorship Mom and her Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life Cheese Buttons For ChristmasPosted on October 15, 2019October 15, 2019 by Tony J Bender We all know how this works. coque samsung The older we get the more often we bague or jaune pierre noire reminded of it. coque samsung Each entrance begets an exit. coque iphone We contemplate these things as grandparents and parents get slow and gray, as we track the lines in our face in the mirror some mornings. But I never imagined a world without Gary Edwin Schlosser in it. Gare Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life Our Gang’s Got a bague or blanc style ancien Hole in ItPosted on January 30, 2019January 30, 2019 by Tony J Bender By now, video of the confrontation bague or infinity at the Lincoln bague nouvelle mode femmes charme bijoux pave zircon etoile bracelet pour cadeau de noel couleur argent or avec pique Memorial has been examined more closely image bague or blanc than the Zapruder Film, and the gaslighting of America is complete. You really didn see what you saw. Sen. coque huawei “Those kids did nothing wrong,” Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life The Gaslighting Of monture bague or pour pierre AmericaPosted on January 22, 2019 by Tony J Bender The campaign for 2020 is in its infancy, but I close prix bague or et rubis to eliminating one candidate Elizabeth Warren. iphone 11 case Not because she a Harvard professor or any of the inevitable pretense that comes with academia. It really bague or tourmaline verte comes down to inauthenticity. Her bague or jaune pierre précieuse painfully awkward live streaming on New Year bague or blanc epaisse Eve was an attempt to ingratiate herself to “regular folk” by opening Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life The Politics Of cdiscount bague or 375 BeerPosted on January 15, bague or bijoux elegants strass brillant coeur femmes chaine cheville pieds nus sandales plage cheville pied et lapis lazuli 2019January 15, 2019 by Tony J bague or froissé rubis Bender Every bague or rond legislative session, there should be kiosks in the malls to sell Lisinopril because Lord knows my blood pressure sure goes up. In North Dakota, any maniac can propose a bill. Well, not just any maniac off the street elected maniacs. Take, for instance, Senate Bill 2136, sponsored by Sen. Oley Larsen, R Minot, that would force schools to offer Continue reading J BENDER: That’s Life North Dakota PoliticsPosted on January 8, 2019January 8, 2019 bague or blanc opale by Tony J Bender I no psychologist, but Republicans seem unnaturally obsessed with New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They spent an inordinate amount of time telling everyone what an inconsequential airhead she is. She was dismissed as “a little girl” by bague or blanc double anneau GOP strategist Ed Rollins.

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