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Mix things up Yeehaaa yum yum it Cowboy Cookies. Or, in bague argent rhodié pas cher this case, Cowgirl Cookies. A friend introduced these to bague argent manchette me and I love them. Especially the name. Cowboy Cookies. coque iphone Cowboy Cookies. Cowboy Cookies. coque iphone Rolls off the tongue doesn it bague argent homme viking Well, I took the bague argent africain traditional oats, chocolate chips and pecans this cookie is known for bague argent gallo romain and added some pink m to make them, well, more girly. But why stop there. I also made a few cookie bague argent de createur mixes to try out as a test run for a gift idea. You see, I missed said friend birthday (sorry friend) and I wanted to make up for it. So, I took her basic recipe and made a few adjustments so I could fit all the ingredients into these jars. coque iphone They smooth Ball bague argent 925 marcassite jars made especially for crafts. Smooooooth. coque huawei No bague argent le manège à bijoux embossed logos in the glass. Nice. And with a little fabric, labels and a brown suede bow, they perfect little gifts. But which one should I give her It actually marc orian bague argent femme matters because I made four different bague argent femme taille 62 soldes variations. If you notice in the photo above, some of them have more oats, more flour or more sugar. I was trying different combinations to get all the ingredients to fit. Oh and note to self: Use a ruler when attaching labels next time. Luckily, the first test batch I made, worked. Yes! Pretty and tasty. But I still want to try the other mixes later, bague argent homme personnalisable and if one tastes better I make sure and update the recipe. Besides, I want to know how long these will last in jars. Any ideas Want to make some cute cookie mix gifts, bague argent saphir et diamant too Here how. Start with a 1 quart smooth Ball jar. maryjane bague argent I found these at Hobby bague argent vieilli homme Lobby craft bague argent universitaire store. Layer the ingredients in like this: First: flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt Second: oats Third: m Fourth: chocolate chips Fifth: brown sugar Sixth: white sugar Seventh: chopped pecans Pack each level down really tightly. I mean it. Pack it in. coque iphone Or else it won all fit. Also, I added the chopped pecans last, because if the ingredients were too much or not enough, then I could add more or less pecans to adjust. I rather sacrifice nuts than chocolate, you know. The ingredients should be flush to the top of the lid when you seal it up. See. There some of the pecans bague argent large moderne peeking out from under the fabric. coque samsung To decorate the top of the jars, get a spool of suede cord and some fabric. I really wanted to find some pink western bandana fabric, but this will do. Anyway, cut the fabric into 6 inch squares and bracelet vintage boheme carte tete de cerf bracelet coeur ocean carte bracelets porte bonheur corde noire chaine bracelets bracelets pour femmes the suede into 25 inch pieces. Place the nettoyer bague argent oxydée fabric on top and tie ribbons around the bague argent et quartz lid to hold it in place. For the labels, you need some card stock, a paper punch and double sided tape. You can use the pink labels I made if you want. DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE. I also included one for the baking bague argent aspect martelé instructions grosse bague argent massif multi anneaux and a maty bague argent rose label for Cowboy Cookies in brown if you want to gift these bague argent zirconia 925 to boys or girls. coque huawei Note: you can change the color of m and give them as Halloween gifts, or Christmas gifts, too. Check out the seasonal m in the candy naoli bague argent aisle. They are usually available in special holiday colors or themes. The pink ones were in the Breast Cancer awareness bag.

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