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I dig deep into DropshipLifestyle Andrew: Hey everyone. My name is Andrew Warner, I the founder of Mixergy where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. I pride myself on doing research on my guests, I pride myself on having the hard to get guests and I also pride myself on being open. I got to be honest with you, Anton, I was looking at your site, and there are two parts of me. There a part of me that just skeptical. bague or rose torsadé . . The very top of the site, let see if it still says it. There it is 76 spots left to get in. Andrew: I go there no way that 76 is being updated. coque iphone 7 pas cher It was 76 the last bague or rose galeries lafayette time I checked, it 76 right now. And there a part of me that goes, site teaching people how to do drop ships so that they can have a great lifestyle and get rich quick or get rich and make six figures. How many times do I have to hear the word six figures Closing the door soon before I say, this is just a little bit too much. So there that part of me. Then there other part of me that goes, why do you have to be so cynical about everything Why don you just do like Alcoholics Anonymous, which is, take what you need and leave the rest behind. So why do you have to cartier bague or rose be so fricking critical, Andrew Why can you just say, a guy, he building a business. There something you could learn from him. How is he getting customers How is he upselling What the product How is he communicating Just fricking get that. I should be quieting one or the other and bague or rose quartz rose picking who I am, but I have to just accept it. I kind of a little bit of both. And so, Anton, that where I coming from. Does any of that resonate Anton: A hundred percent, and honestly, I think you should lean towards critical, bague or pierre semi précieuse and I think everyone should. You know, not just when trying to do business with messika bague or rose myself or anyone that I work with but with anyone because I learned the hard way after probably 12 years in business that most things aren what bague or rose piaget they seem. I will say something funny though. You said, if you went to bague or blanc aigue marine the site later today or tomorrow, would that 76 be the same It not bague argent ajouree dynamically updated. We been updating it only about once a day, but that only been there since last night. The last time you would have seen anything like that on the site was actually an entire year ago because bague argent chaumet we do close every year in November right bague or rose diamant rose after our live event every year. So that actually real, and I say we probably have a few days left and then we be closed for probably one to three months as we totally redo all of our content. Andrew: Because you really want to have a hundred people only in this program, and this is what, version six then you create version seven and anyone in this version gets . . . oh wait, this is version five then you create version six. Anton: Exactly, exactly. We been doing this for a little over five years, and for the past four years, around the beginning of November, we do shut it down, redo all of the content and then reopen again with the newest version. So once a year and this is that time. Andrew: Anton, you a guy who used to like sell physical products, and we get into the bague argent a little market back story of what that is. But as a guy who used to do that, do you ever look and say, God man, I now in this world where it the same old info marketers who are all competing for the same people, who are desperate to leave their nine to five. And the nine to five people are our best customers because they actually have money and a desperation to leave, and so we all chasing all of them, giving them a dream. Do you bague or rose avis ever feel like that Anton: Not really. I tell you why. I think you friends with him, but for me, if other people didn do what I doing now, I wouldn be where I am. So I graduated from college in 2006, and in 2007, the book 4 Hour Workweek came out. Sounds like bague argent couturier a scam, obviously not. It just gives really good information about, maybe, a different path you could take in life. Not the most tactical thing in the world, but seriously I read that book and because of that book I transitioned my first offline business to an online business and that changed everything. So if there weren people doing this type of thing . . . I not saying everyone is going to be able to quit their nine to five, and live on a beach, and be super wealthy but if bague or rose histoire d’or there weren opportunities like this, I think a lot less people would have that freedom. Andrew: I get it. Okay, you know what, bague argent femme reminiscence I used to be really skeptical and cynical about Tim Ferriss too. coque iphone 8 That 4 Hour Workweek title really got me. It felt like it was leading with lazy instead of leading with meaningful work. I felt like a lot of the techniques in the book bague or rose cartier were a little bit manipulative in a cool way. Like, go speak at a local universities group and then say I spoke at Harvard. So like Harvard will have a group of students who get together and invite entrepreneurs to come in and speak, you should go be the guy who speaks to that group and then on your website you say, speak at Harvard. That kind of is what I thought, and I said, bague homme acier 316 one really doing this. And then it was a year or so of doing interviews where I actually saw entrepreneurs who were doing it, people who I respected. I said, right Andrew, drop the cynicism. Why do you have to just pick up on the things that fit in with the cynicism right, I get all that. I really want to understand how you built this business and do that Alcoholics Anonymous phrase which is, get what I want, what I want is I do want to learn how you built this business, how you sell. I could see that your sales process is dialed in. I been, frankly, spying on some of your software like some of the . . . not software, some of the things that you sell. Like I could see this DSL for 1497 . . . I see a list of every single thing you sold, including testing product. Shopify theme download, 67 bucks. Upgrade to DFY, 2500. I got like as much as I can, and still I feel like I don fully know it. There enough here for me to be curious about and to learn from, and the same for the audience. So this interview is starting off very rudely but Anton, I appreciate that you got a good attitude about it. Anton Kraly, the person who you been hearing take my cynical questions is the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle. It a step by step coaching program that enables you to build an online business. iphone 11 case review We going to talk about how he started his business and his previous company and learn about how he selling online, all thanks to two great sponsors. The first will help you get your next beautiful design ebook, landing pages etc. Anton, hasn heard of them. I excited to introduce him, and you to them. It called Design Crowd. The second is a company that will help you hire your next great developer. Anton, had a not so great experience with Toptal. We going to talk about that in the ad too. But first Anton, thanks for being here. Andrew: I going to hit you one of the questions. coque iphone 5 pas cher How much are you bringing in Anton: Last year was a little over three and jean delatour bague or rose a half bague or rose ceramique million. Andrew: Three and a half. And before you set on this path of teaching, of selling things online, you were a guy who was in the offline world, and you did something that I remember reading an article about and I dreamnt as a kid of doing it. It was like an Investor Business Daily, an article about these guys who had routes. What a route Andrew: Yeah, they would call it route which is bague argent soufre like kind of weird, generic term, or maybe I getting it a little bit off. But the route is this, the dream is you buy someone route to deliver the potato chips. Anton: Oh okay, okay. Yes, yes. It was the weirdest dream ever, and I tell you how it came about. Where I from, one of my friend fathers actually owned a delivery business. It was on Long Island, and it was for Arnold bread. And they delivered them all over, and his story was he started this thing super cheap, had one truck, built it into this huge empire and they made a lot of money from it. For me, straight out of school, not a lot of money, what I had saved from doing landscaping and construction. I thought let me buy a small version of this, see if I could turn it into a bigger business. Honestly, my plan was to sell it and then bague or rose noircie start opening franchises like a Subway or a bague or blanc Gold Gym or what not. That was my original business plan. Andrew: You know what, let pause for a second. Andrew: I think most people don know what you and I know now, which is that it seems like the Arnold bread is getting put into the store shelves by Arnold employees or by whatever the UPS version of local food supplier is, the guy who goes and delivers potato chips, bread, those stupid muffins that stay in bags for years. It seems like it owned bague or emeraude et diamants by the company. It not. They actually the person who owns that route that they have a deal with. He is the only person who owns a route. He the only person allowed to get Arnold bread and put it on the shelves and if he wants to retire, he could sell that route to someone else. If he wants to expand, he could have somebody else drive the truck, often a relative will drive the truck, he still keep making money from Arnold every time he puts the stuff in the shelves. But he has to now pay someone else to do it and that the way you expand. coque huawei p9 And you said, got to do this. You actually were planning on doing it as a franchise, which is kind of interesting and you bought your route.

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