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I boucles d’oreille chats Wanted to Fly in the Sky Home // When I opened my LinkedIn account in the morning, I noticed this notification on top of my screen boucles bracelet homme wlkn d’oreille or massif WhenIWas15. LinkedIn was celebrating its boucles d’oreille punk fifteenth birthday. HappyBirthdayLinkedIn And, it brought back some old memories. coque iphone 7 I suddenly came to realize boucles d’oreille cerf that it has been almost 15 years when I was 15. Time has flown like anything, leaving me with memoirs of the past which I don even get time to reminisce. coque samsung I sure there will be many of you who would have gone through the same feeling. With today post, I try to share my heart out and the feelings that I been through these years, and would try to touch your heart as well so that you can stop for a while in your busy life to see where you are now, boucles d’oreille jeune fille and where you will be headed. As kids, we all have a certain dream. bracelet homme perle tete de lion I too had one to fly in the sky like birds. I wanted to become an astronaut. coque iphone x Sadly though I could not make that dream come true. I became a nettoyer des boucles d’oreille science graduate first. Worked as an embryologist, choosing a secure career with a well paying salary and bright future. coque iphone coque iphone xr I am sure almost everyone at boucles d’oreille puce triangle my bracelet homme cordon jaune stage would have done tendances boucles d’oreille the same. coque iphone 7 But I was not happy. I worked like a machine in the lab, finishing my chores and then get back boucles d’oreille année 30 to sleep at the end of the night. Amidst the hustle to lead an ordinary life, I forgot my dream; it became too bleak to even come to my mind. Though bracelet homme cuir multi lien everything was going great, I was not happy. There was this sense of emptiness. coque huawei I bijouterie histoire dor bracelet homme had everything, but I had nothing. That when things took a U materiel pour creer ses boucles d’oreille turn! I lost my job, had to struggle for a couple of months without knowing what I do. I could not muster up the courage to tell my boucles d’oreille tissées parents about it and I struggled even more during the next couple of months. That when I got the opportunity support boucles d’oreille clip to write. coque iphone 5 pas cher And, things completely changed. It gave me immense pleasure to write! I been writing for various projects and for myself since then it been more than 6 years now. And, there has never been a single day when I have opened my eyes with the regret of having chosen this path in life. Don’t like ads Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free You might be thinking I going a little off the topic. Well, no I am not. I had to build this background to let you know the realization I had today about living my dream! Today I living my dream. I can fly high in the sky, not with my body but with my thoughts. The feeling of doing something that makes me boucles d’oreille minceur feel free is nothing less than the feeling of being a bird who can fly without having to worry about any borders. Writing has made me free it has given me the chance to boucles d’oreille chez amazon capture my wandering thoughts and tell the story. It has made me a STORYTELLER!!! It has made me realize that in life a few things what you have Not everyone is lucky enough to boucles d’oreille pendantes swarovski have a comfortable life, access to free water and basic amenities like electricity and the internet. Be thankful for what you have in your life, and stop cribbing about what you don have. Remember, the quote by Master Oogway is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That why it called the present. Live every moment, and be thankful for it! If I had not taken the first step to live my dream and switch from a career in health sciences to a career in writing I would never have been where I am today. coque iphone I had to struggle initially. As a matter of fact, I failed to clear my first interview as a writing intern. coque iphone 5 But that did not deter me. It motivated me to come out even strong. coque iphone If you have a dream, keep hustling towards the direction that leads to it. No matter how slow or how fast, you will reach there one day. No dream is too big or too small! In life, many people will tell you that you are a dreamer. It okay for them to say it but don let their words get to you. They laugh because they are scared to dream of something that beyond fabriquer un porte boucles d’oreille the conventional. coque samsung They don the real pleasure of the other side of the bridge that you have to cross in order to achieve your dreams. Once you will cross it, you will get to live it. As someone who has always chosen to go the unconventional way when given bracelet homme lor du temps an opportunity, I have only boucles d’oreille en tissu wax these words for you DARE TO DREAM. coque samsung Because only those who dared to dream are the ones who make their dreams come true! and, history is a proof of this. Coming back to the present and to the topic of this post boucles d’oreille bala boosté WhenIWas15. Yes, I dreamed to fly high in the sky.

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