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must set up an investigative commission for the prosecution Kinneret in my head was a young lawyer in her early days when she became known as the attorney rongxing charmant violet goutte deau zircon chanceux croix pendentifs pour femmes choker or blanc rempli pierre de naissance clavicule collier for Orly Revivo, the first complainant of sexual offenses by former President Moshe Katsav, represented her as a suspect in extortion and filed a defamation lawsuit on her behalf. The same long winded affair has also brought her to a first and close meeting with various parties in the judicial system, especially senior officials in the State Attorney Office. “When bracelet ancre instagram we petitioned the High Court to include my client in the indictment, I was the only petitioner I was allowed to bracelet ancre enfants look into the investigation material,” she recalls in a conversation with “Measure.” “I went to the Jerusalem Prosecutor Office to look at the materials and was directed to a stale warehouse where I had to spend almost two weeks. coque huawei coque huawei p9 It was done deliberately to exhaust me and make me comment faire bracelet ancre marine give up. coque iphone 7 pas cher It was only after I went to court that they agreed to allocate a normal room for me to read the documents, and that too, under the supervision of a guard. The Prosecutor Office explicitly tried to hide information from me and did everything possible to fail me in my work. ” As the legal process progressed and moved to the Supreme Court, the headlines in the newspapers and in the new editions, which were often directed against the complainants, began to grow, with the aim of presenting them in a negative light and impairing their credibility. “There were constantly leakages to journalists on behalf of senior officials who claimed there was no evidence and that the complainants were liars. That what started to turn red lights on me with regard to the prosecutor office, “she trendhim bracelet ancre says. State Attorney Xi NitzanScreenshotThe same warning lights began to flicker even more brightly as the hearings reached the High Court halls. coque iphone “From the moment we decided that we were coming fitbit alta bracelet argent to the top, Shai Nitzan, who was then the Deputy State Attorney, also arrived,” Advocate in my head says, adding: “Throughout the hearing, he fought hard in complaining. He argued that they were unreliable and false, and dismissed all their testimony with disdain as President Dorit Beinisch allowed him to proceed without interruption. Whenever I tried to intervene and protest she silenced me until I couldn do it anymore. custom iphone 11 case I burst into his words and said now Sitting in the pavilion can read the wrong things a senior attorney brings here in court. Beinisch gave me a talk but later issued an injunction on the things I said. ” Have you tried talking to Shay Nitzan himself “During one of the breaks in the hearing, I approached Nitzan and told him he was misleading the court. He looked me in the eye and at the height of arrogance he replied: “Who would they believe me or you”, And then he just left. coque huawei All his conduct was bracelet ancre rose blanc smug as if he were the landlord at trial and sure he was going to win. Later we all remember that the same evidence he claimed to be false, turned out to be true. ” Since that case, a lawyer has been heavily criticized by the judiciary and its senior officials, a criticism that reached another climax last week with yet another storm of the prosecutor office following the comments of Justice Minister Ohana about the need for criticism and harsh reactions from Shai Nitzan and others. coque iphone 5 In a sharp post achat bracelet ancre posted on my Facebook page, she criticized Nitzan, among other things, saying that montre bracelet argent the state attorney was “leaking investigative material to journalists as a condition for scopes” nouveau micro zircon poisson os pendentif colliers pour les femmes court clavicule chaine choker 925 bijoux en argent sterling collier san37 and “a terrorist attack on lawyers.” Speaking to “Measure,” she says that these are the things she has been playing for nettoyer bracelet argent years: “For 12 years now I have been conducting a campaign and want them to start investigations because it is important that the entire public in the country is familiar with Shay Nitzan conduct. If you look at all the serious cases related to the prosecutor office in recent years like the muted Ruth David story or the closure of the case to Uri Messer who was involved in the Olmert case and his wife was a senior in the Justice Department, the hacking of Epi Naveh phone, you will see that Nitzan is in some way connected. Every rendering, every defense of a lawyer who stole you will find Shai Nitzan there. It cannot last for years and no one gives explanations. ” Do you think Minister Ohana is right in criticizing wostu luxe 925 en argent sterling la cle de coeur serrure pendentif collier pour les femmes petite amie femme mode bijoux cadeau cqn290 the prosecutor office “Ohana is absolutely right. I heard what he said about the Prime Minister advisers inquiries and agreed with every word. In any normal system, evidence obtained from a phone foreclosure would be thrown in the trash and anyone who did so would face trial. This is a wrong practice of trampling on rights that Sai Nitzan started in the Epi Nave affair. coque huawei Although I vote for the left, I would vote differently if they assured me that Ohana would continue to serve as justice minister. He is the most courageous minister to have held this position since the establishment of the state. ” “Judge Gerstel was gentle”The connection between Nitzan and my head did not end after a butcher trial, when, she said, even years later he resented her and tried in various ways to narrow her steps. coque iphone A few years ago, I was invited to head the opening ceremony of the Bar Association Eilat. The flights nouveau doux trois petites etoiles pendentif colliers pour les femmes court clavicule chaine choker 925 bijoux en argent sterling collier san34 and hotel rooms have already been booked, and even invitations to the ceremony have been circulated with her name as a guide, mettre un bracelet ancre but then things started to go wrong. “As soon as the Prosecutor Office heard that I was the facilitator, Shai Nitzan announced bracelet ancre wellington that he would boycott the conference along with the other senior bracelet ancre$ attorneys,” she says. “Obviously there could be no such conference without the prosecutor office, so the bureau simply canceled my participation as a facilitator.” In another case he says in my head when organizing a seminar at the Israel Bar, attended by former Justice Minister Prof. Daniel Friedman and the State Attorney Office, Nitzan canceled their participation at the last minute and instead sent an attorney “reading from the page the reasons why the prosecutor office refuses to attend the conference because of the criticism I voiced.” . Other times, she said, complainants who represented sexual offenses told her that the State Prosecutor Office advised them to “change counsel.” In all the prosecutor office no one dares to go out against Nitzan “I speak with incumbents who tell me rongxing mystic arc en ciel coeur pendentifs or blanc rempli aaa zircon mariage clavicule colliers pour femmes meilleurs cadeaux de mere h0227 they feel threatened with silk bud, trying to silence any criticism against him. There were even some complaints to the complaints commissioner Rosen but he did nothing with them. I understand why people are afraid to speak, but it is not something that can happen in an amended country. ” Judge Hila Gerstell has previously made difficult things about Nitzan “She said in an interview with” The Fact “that the prosecutor office is sick and I certainly agree with her, although I think she was very gentle when she said of Shai Nitzan who has difficulty telling the truth and that he is not fit for the job. So, too, am I delusional, icon brand bracelet ancre and Judge delusional Gerstel everyone is delusional and only Shai Nitzan is the great righteous In my opinion, the power of this single senior official can be dangerous. ” Nitzan appears to be fully backed by the Attorney General “To me, it feels like Mandelblit serves as the” I Man “of the State Attorney and surrenders to every whim. After all, those who are supposed to order an investigation by the State Prosecutor Office are considered by his administration to be just afraid of bud silk and have no independent statement. ” What should be the role of bracelet ancre tom hope cuir the media in this story “Shai Nitzan actually arranged for himself full protection from the media for a constant leak of materials to court papers which is a disruption of investigation. The reporters forgot that they should present the truth to the public in a neutral way, and instead of telling the truth, they enlist in Nitzan journey to the Supreme Court. They have actually become his playing tool. ” The source of the leaks is in the prosecutor office “I believe the prosecutor office and who heads it are the source of most leaks. Every sensitive case has an attorney who accompanies the investigation and all the material is in it. When we see that trendy things are being published on the news even before the evidence bracelet ancre phrep acier inoxydable bleu marine has been passed on to the defense team, it pretty clear who is leaking and why. ” “The High Court is a branch of the State Attorney Office”Throughout the conversation, Attorney General Bashai, who is now a partner in the Segev office, is careful to note that her criticism of the judicial system does not preclude political opinion. coque samsung “Everyone who knows me knows what my political position is and is very far from the person who is currently the Prime Minister. But exposing the failures of the justice system should not be linked to a political side, it should worry every citizen of the nouveau carre zircon triangle pendentif colliers pour femmes court clavicule chaine choker creatif bijoux collier mujer collier san32 bracelet ancre phrep paul hewitt country regardless of right or left. coque iphone xr ” So how do you think this situation can be remedied “An investigative committee must be set up to examine all cases and to investigate in depth the scandalous conduct of the Attorney General and Shai Nitzan in particular the tailor made tenders, the closed bracelet ancre vert et bleu cases and the investigations that have been opened. It is true that he will soon be leaving office, but his friends will also remain in senior positions in the system. Think of a situation in which Nitzan is appointed to the top and his friends in the Prosecutor Office come to charge him with sensitive cases. This leads to the fact that the Supreme Court does not really deal with the important things, but only the things that the members of the system want. The High Court no longer exists and has become a branch of the State Attorney Office. coque huawei With all your experience in the field, do you have any confidence in the legal system today “The short answer is unequivocally negative, but it should be noted that it depends a lot on the judge identity. That why I make a point of taking a case today only after I know who the judge is discussing. I bracelet ancre or femme myself did the internship in court and I know there are loads of good and honest judges and lawyers, the problem is you never know if you will fall for one who is not. There are worthy people in the system, but those who head it must be investigated for a lot of things that were done in the prosecutor office during his time. ” In an interview with Sharon Gal in “Waves of Israel,” you said you were afraid to go down at night to throw the garbage “I managed the rhythm portfolio alone for seven years of fighting against very powerful centers of power, and I was not worried as much as I am today. There are whole days that I am not calm and nights I do not sleep in. A lot of people tell me to get off the point, because even this way, you can change anything against such a strong system that is protected by politicians and media people. I could certainly enjoy life and do other things, but apparently it stronger than me.

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