Sa police step into simulator for firearms training

Sa police step into simulator for firearms training

by Staff Writers

Aishinat Kanpur (Jammu and Kashmir) Aug 01, 2011

There are more than 50,000 registered arms dealers in India with a significant market in weapons and explosives, says an official statement on the arms market.

The statement issued by the Public Grievances Commission (PG바카라C), which handles the grievance of residents of Jammu and Kashmir, says about 75,000 registered arms dealers in the state have over 2.15 million members.

“Over two and a half million members have about 30,000 traders,” the PGC statement said. “Most of them are small and medium-sized businesses. The bulk of their members are active buyers of firearms and explosives.”

Some weapons and weapons are bought on a voluntary basis by citizens, while other types of items are bought and sold through trade agents based in the PGC.

The PGC said, the main arms and weapons market is controlled by four arms dealers with about 30-40 percent selling arms. The remaining 70 percent sell explosives to the general public and about 5-6 percent to other criminal groups.

About 30 percent 우리카지노of the state’s residents bought guns in 2001 and 2002 through such dealers. During this pejarvees.comriod, the PGC said almost 20,000 registered firearms dealers have closed in the state.

Among those who sell and sell explosives are shopkeepers or petty traders such as bhajans and shopkeepers who collect their sales from the buyers and take the money at the end of the sale for them.

The PGC said that the total amount of illegally produced explosives and guns is about Rs 2.2 crore and Rs 1.7 crore respectively.

According to the report on the PGC, more than 30,000 firearms sales cases have been lodged in the last five years, most of them in the district of Tumkur and near the Bijnor Bagh where a small militant outfit called The People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI) allegedly killed 18 members of the paramilitary Indian security forces on Nov 6 in a bid to topple the state government.

Meanwhile, in 2013, police detained two suspects from Lumbini village who were involved in manufacturing and selling weapons.

According to the report, weapons worth Rs 50 crore have been illegally recovered from the village.