Vic govt told to keep hands off nts fireworks at night to avoid potential trouble

Vic govt told to keep hands off nts fireworks at night to avoid potential trouble

It came as a firework display in Hamilton went up and exploded after a police robot set of우리카지노f a powerful fuse on the scene, injuring one person.

The firework display, known as the Bong-Bong, was set off by a robot which turned on a powerful fuse.

Hamilton Fire & Rescue Service spokesman Greg Marder said at least four vehicles had been damaged in the incident.

“The blast and explosion took place just a few metres away from the fireworks display and on a main street.”

No one else was injured and the investigation is continuing.

Police initially thought the incident involved fireworks because it was in the same park as another “hot” fireworks display.

But Mr Marder said the device exploded at a point around a 50m wide angle wi바카라사이트ndow.

A witness described the fire as “beyond ridiculous”.

He said: “My daughter and her sister were there in the park and I watched in horror.

“When I went out to take photos of it, it was completely visible through the window behind the cars. I couldn’t get close enough.

“The lights and the firework fell all over the ground and it seemed to burst completely in front of them and blew them away and the vehicle that got caught in the explosion broke up.

“As I thought, I know someone’s in trouble.”

There have been a number of recent police-related incidents in Hamilton.

Earlier this month, a police officer was struck by a car after being on patrol for seven hours.
His car was damaged by the impact of a flash bang.

And this week, an unarmed student was struck by a car, while two other students watched the fireworks display.

A spokesman for Hamilton Police said officers were responding to an emergency call about a possible fireworks fire at the Park Centre, with the incident being later investigated as a traffic incident.

The statement said: “A vehicle crashed into a barrier on the M3 near the Bui Nui Golf Course.

“Police arrived on the scene within two minutes. No-one was injured but the vehicle caught fire, causing a significant number of damage to the barrier and the golf course.

“Police continued their investigation into the cause of the fire.

“Officers who found the vehicle and its driver had been given a warning to carry identification and were instructed to remove their guns and identification paper