Circus goes to space

Circus goes to space!”

The Circus went up to the space and the two men got down on their knees.

“That’s good. There is no way that this can go wrong.”

At first, he thought he heard a click and then the sound of the machine falling into space, but, if that was the case, it must be possible that the sound made by the machine actually happened.

Just then, there was a

A young boy, dressed in white, came out of the space and looked at the two people, who seemed like they had fallen.

“Ah, I just discovered this space!”

“Ah, what is it?”

“No way! This is our first time.”

“Ah. Please let me join you.”

The boy said that while looking at the space. They made a face as they talked.

“As we know, I have always been interested in space since the time when I was born. So, I just came to find something interesting to look at.”

“Well then, how much can it be? I am a little bit young.”

“Do you want to see it myself? This is your first time.”

The boy was an old man of 35.

He was also a slave who was brought by Niles. The young boy said so.

“Ah, that’s right. Well then, please go.”

“Yes, please!”

With his eyes shut, Niles looked at them and told them that he would guide them on the way.

“I will follow you to the end. I am the eldest man in the circus and is used to travel. I have바카라 never been able to do anything in space, but I can always come back if you want me to…”

The boy turned around and then continued talking.

“If you can bring me back here, I will come back too! I wish for a world where I can just go to any spot in space and not have to worry.”

“Haa, is that so.”

“Then please, come along.”

He opened the door and우리카지노 stepped into the space.

They were the last people in the circus who saw the space before they died. Niles opened another door to see a white building on the other side of the door. Niles turned back.

“That door is locked.”