Top 15 Ways To Keep Your Mind And Body Fit On Board Ships

Think about going through a pet rescue organization to help find a home for a needy animal and helping yourself too. Protect your head when doing certain physical activities such as bicycling, skiing, or rollerblading by wearing the appropriate helmet for your sport. This artificial sweetener may be worse for you than sugar, tricking your brain into making you think you’re hungry when you’re not. Keep drinking to a minimum — one or two drinks a day at the most. Heavy drinking is directly linked to memory loss.

If you haven’t experienced the sensation of chai, give it a try. This tea infused with a variety of spices and blended with milk or a non-dairy milk substitute what causes hair loss will awaken your tongue and mind as well. Get a massage and enjoy the tactile sensation of a professional working out the stress and tension in your muscles. Massage therapists typically use essential oils in their massage oil, so you also have the added benefit of a pleasing scent.

Listening to music, whether it’s a small chamber music ensemble or a full-out rock show, will stimulate your brain. Not only will it stimulate your senses, it has also been shown to sharpen your mind through its cardiovascular benefits.

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Meditation is a good way to practice mindfulness — the skill of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment. Get health information and advice from the experts at Harvard Medical School. Moderate to severe head injuries, even without diagnosed concussions, increase the risk of cognitive impairment. Some observational studies suggest that low-dose aspirin may reduce the risk of dementia, especially vascular dementia.

  • The comprehensive social distancing policy to combat the spread of Coronavirus had put a ‘Go Slow’ sign on our lives.
  • An early morning or evening brisk walk or jog for minutes around the ship in good weather can create wonders.
  • Some commercial vessels are fitted with swimming pools.
  • Swimming is still the best form of exercise.

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Ask your doctor if you are a candidate. Start a dinner club with six or eight people. Have each person bring one dish and alternate homes for hosting. Volunteering can be a great way to meet people, stay social, and be making a difference.

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In reasonable segments, aromatherapy sessions can do wonders for your stress levels. Pet owners show fewer signs of stress and are less lonely.