Coque iphone 5 nike pas cher outs of Microsoft Edge that you should know Iphone Paradise coque iphon-coque iphone 5s silicone chanel-sdpkyw

outs of Microsoft Edge that you should know Iphone Paradise

How to add extensions coque iphone à paillettes to Microsoft coque huawei y6 pro basket Edge

Extensions allow you to add new features to Microsoft Edge from third parties, such as built in coque iphone pour chantier malware coque iphone 5s n detectors, coque huawei p30 pro rhinoshield password savers, coque en silicone huawei p30 pro and more. Because Microsoft Edge is built with Chromium, you can install extensions from Microsoft and through the Google coque iphone 5s touhou Chrome Web Store. These coque iphone se et 6s include coque iphone 5c eau et paillette web tracking prevention tools and coque iphone 5 federer the ability to remove browsing data with ease. No doubt, more privacy tools will arrive in the coming months in future coque iphone 6 etoiles app updates.

Set your tracking level in Microsoft Edge

Clear your browsing data in Microsoft coque iphone 6 cars Edge

How to use the Immersive Reader

Long form articles are easier to read with the Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader. The feature enables a distraction free coque iphone 5s connasse experience for readers.

To activate the Immersive Reader:

Click the coque iphone 5s anglais address bar at the coque huawei p20 pro fluo top of the window.

Press return on your keyboard.

Using the Immersive Reader extras

Besides offering coque iphone 5c peace a distraction free reading experience, the Immersive Reader includes two additional tools: Read Aloud and coque iphone 6s fc barcelone Text Preferences. When coque iphone 6s philipp plein activated, the former will read coque iphone 5c escarpins the Microsoft Edge page, while the latter is a pop up that includes text settings.

Both options show up on a toolbar that shows coque 360 huawei y6 pro 2017 up at the top of the document coque iphone ordinateur as soon as you click on the Immersive Reader book icon. The toolbar coque gel huawei y6 pro 2017 goes away quickly unless you click coque iphone 4s avec la pomme the tack icon to coque iphone 6 s transparent keep it there permanently…

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