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rise is changing diplomacy dynamics in Asia

Recently, coque iphone 6 silicone queen I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. commander coque iphone 6s Learning that I had come from Hong Kong, the first thing a cab driver there dimension coque iphone 4 asked me was: is the unrest now under control

Some other coque iphone 6 plus chic ethnic Chinese cab drivers whom I encountered during the trip simply sighed, saying they found it coque iphone 6 doctor who difficult to understand why Hong Kong was inflicting an “Armageddon” on itself.

To coque iphone 6 hermione granger some extent, their questions and doubts, if seen in the historical context of their countries, reflect the view among people in the priceminister coque iphone 4 region that one has to coque iphone 7 rcsa learn to live with Beijing.

As a neighboring great power, China is definitely not something that Southeast Asian countries would want to mess with from a geopolitical perspective.

During the Cold War era, the situation in Asia coque iphone 6 sch was pretty clear cut: while coque iphone 5 bumper transparent countries such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia were up against the United States under the leadership of the Soviet Union, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea were rallying closely behind Washington against the communist bloc.

However, China’s economic reforms starting from 1979 and the disintegration of the Soviet Union coque iphone liquid in 1991 resulted in drastic changes coque iphone se rap in diplomatic affairs across Asia: as China’s economy took off, so did its coque iphone xr silicone apple national strength and international influence.

Amid the waking of this “sleeping lion”, many Asian countries were at a loss as to how to respond to the new phenomenon.

The matter was further compounded by the fact that the US appeared more focused on Europe than Asia, leaving room for Beijing to steadily expand its muscle.

It wasn’t until the Barack Obama coque iphone 5s avec prenom era that the US began to hastily shift its strategic focus from Europe and refocus on Asia.

But before the US is able to re establish its sphere of influence in the region, Asian countries, many of which have long standing maritime territorial disputes with Beijing, will have to learn to get along with coque iphone 5 nounours the increasingly powerful China.

As the coque iphone 4 silicone adidas old Chinese coque iphone 5c m&ms saying goes, “distant water cannot put out the nearby fire”. From the standpoint of Southeast Asian countries, the US is “distant water” in the face of China’s rise to global prominence.

Given the situation,most Asian countries including those which used to lean toward the US have no choice but to work toward good relations with China, under the principle of peaceful co existence.

For example, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been adopting a pro Beijing diplomatic policy line coque iphone motard ever since he came to power in 2016, signaling that he wants peaceful resolution of the territorial disputes between his country and China in the South China Sea.

Duterte also visited China multiple times in a bid to build closer economic cooperation between the two sides.

Among other leaders in the region, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said that he doesn want an adversarial relationship with Beijing despite the South China Sea dispute and coque iphone 5s xv de france the Uyghur Muslim issue in Xinjiang.

Elsewhere, South Korean President coque iphone 5 free Moon Jae in said recently that Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues are coque iphone 6 jecent purely the domestic affairs of China, sending a message that Seoul badly coque iphone 6 peachy wants to befriend Beijing in order to gain coque iphone 5 apple amazon more leverage over North Korea and Japan.

As we can see, some Asian countries which used to be close to Washington are now jumping on the bandwagon of mending fences with Beijing for reasons of coque iphone 5 jungle “realpolitik”.

All this does get me thinking: why would Hong Kong, a part of China and one of its special administrative regions, want to follow an opposing path against Beijing..

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