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I have a highly requested camera comparison between the brand new oep for the Pro and the p30 Pro so last, year flagship. Cover iphone poisEtsy As always, I have a bunch of daytime pictures and, of course, I also included. Some are portrait mode pictures, some pictures taken with a telephoto lens, some pictures taken with the ultra wide lenses. I also have a bunch of um sample videos daytime and nighttime sample videos. Some nighttime pictures and, of course, for nighttime pictures, um I used the night mode on both devices and, lastly, some selfies. As always um. All the pictures are taking about a second apart from each other and both devices are set on auto mode. You know that being said: won we start by checking out some daytime pictures and, more specifically, some Nero custodia in pelle per iPhone XR cover case – Bravi In Casa portrayed more pictures, alright, so portrait mode pictures well, the biggest change here has to do with the colors, so the colors aren as saturated on the pictures taken by the P40 Pro as they are on on the p30 Pro so now, the p40 Pro has way more realistic colors and I kind of like the weather and portrayed no pictures to look now when compared to the pictures taken by the Peterlee Pro, because they do look just Them as I seen Otterbox Symmetry Custodia per iPhone 11 Anti-Caduta Sottile ed them with my own eyes now, the edge detection is somewhat better on the p40 Pro, but definitely not that big of a difference. So four could read more pictures. Of course, the p40 Pro does better moving on to some zoom picture, so for zoom pictures I used the five times optical zoom, because they both 5Sets Cover Plate Holder Screw For iPhone 6 6S 7 8 Plus X XS Max have that dumb lens and looking at these pictures.

Once again, the colors are the biggest change, because and all the colors that we get from the pictures taken by the p40 Pro are more realistic and way closer to reality. Now, looking at those pictures very very closely, I mean, if Dsquared2 Bad Scout IPhone X Cover – Iphone x Covers UomoStore you crop in on some of those pictures. Maybe the pictures taken by the p40 Pro are a bit sharper, but not that big of a difference. So the biggest change for our pictures, taken with a telephoto lens, are definitely the colors aside from that they do look somewhat similar and we are moving on to pictures taken with the ultra wide lenses. So the first thing I noticed is the fact that the WOWY Peterlee Pro has a wider field of view. But then, when you look at those pictures, the color, some in the pictures taken by the Peterlee Pro, are way too to oversaturated. So I would say that every single um picture, taking the ultra wide lens on the back of the p40 Pro, does look better. The pictures do seem sharper. The colors are better everything about those pictures taken of the ultra wide lens are better from the p40 Pro, in my opinion. Now, if you do like those crazy, saturated colors, of course, you really gon na prefer the pictures from the Peter deeper, but definitely not me. Alright, then, we are moving on to regular pictures, so the trend continues. The the color seen pretty much. Every single picture on are more accurate than about from the pictures taken by the wowie p40.

Pro I also noticed that the dynamic range in a lot of those pictures are taken by the p40. Pro is better, so that also an improvement as for picture sharpness, they do seem fairly similar. So definitely Porcellana batteria custodia per Iphone produttori fornitori let me know what you guys think about the p40 Pro and the Peter a pro for daytime pictures, and I think I have a few more pictures on for you to see and I be right: back Music, Music, Music and as you seen for yourself. There is a pretty big difference for those some day time pictures between the p40 Pro and the Peter EEPROM. But honestly, I think that they could just push an update the Peter Lee Pro and make the pictures look very close to what we are getting from the p40 Pro if Devia Cover ultrasottile in TPU per iPhone XR – 0.5 mm – Trasparente they want to. Obviously, all right and we are moving on to nighttime pictures well for nighttime pictures. I have to say that I was surprised so pretty much. Every single picture that I took with the Peter D Pro Custodia Rearth Ringke per iPhone 4 – looks brighter and if you actually look at those pictures closer, the pictures taken by the Peter Lee Pro CUSTODIA ONE PIECE per iPhone X 8 7 6 5 4 S C SE Plus Mascherina are also cleaner, so they don have as much noise. As we see some of the pictures taken by the p40 Pro, so I was quite surprised now, I assuming that POSTERIORE VETRO ALLOGGIAMENTO Cover per Batteria Ricambio IPHONE they didn want to make those pictures look like daytime anymore, so that why the pictures are a beta darker taking by the p40 Pro.

But personally, I think I prefer the pictures take in the nighttime pictures taken by Cover con fenicotteri per iphone 66s Posot Class the p30 Pro. So what do you guys think we prefer the Peter deeper for nighttime pictures or the p40 Pro For me, I don know what to say. I pretty sure I like the ones I taking by the Peter a pro. So I have a few more pictures that I want you to see and I will be right back you, Music, Music, Music and we are moving on to video recordings for video recordings. Once again, the colors from the p40 Pro haven been improved. The video stabilization is also better and also the dynamic range, so the video quality has pretty much improved in Iphone 5 custodia bumper lilla protezione cellulare bumpers every single way from the Peterlee prom now for sound quality. Even though the bitterly pro Custodia Cellulare Lg Caso Di Telefono Cellulare Di Lamina D'oro sounds a bit louder, I feel the p40 pro does cancel other sounds aside from your voice better than on this one. So let you guys check out on some sample videos. I have some daytime and nighttime sample videos and check out the massive difference that we have for nighttime videos when using the ultra wide lens, so let check those out. This is a quick video recording between the LOI literally Pro and the war we before the prom I currently recording in 4k at 30 frames per second I using the main lens is on the back of these two devices, so I gon na pan right here and Back left and I walk towards the Sun, so this is our recording between the p30 Pro and the p40 Pro would look like if you using the main lens is on the back of these two devices for our next recording.

I am using the ultra wide lenses on the back of the bitterly Pro and the back of the p40 Pro. Obviously you can probably see for yourself um. I am walking fairly slow, so I gon na keep going. Then we get here, and here I gon na pan left slowly COVER CUSTODIA MORBIDA TPU GEL SILICONE PER Custodia con batteria esterna da 2400 mAh per iPhone 5S IPHONE X XS APPLE SLIM and back right. So this whole recording done with the ultra wide lenses on the back of the p30 and the big 14 pro would look like next. We have a quick recording done to the front facing cameras on the Peterlee pro and, of course, the p40 pro now the p30 pro. We can actually record in 4k with a pro facing camera, where i to the Peterlee pro we can only to 1080p, so I gon na go walking for a bit, so you Supporti per auto La casa delle Cover Cover Ufficiale Disney can see which device stabilizes the image a bit better. But since the PT repro can do for kids, obviously gon na be better, more clearer and so on. So we saw recording down the front facing camera. Would look like this is a quick video test between the wahwee Peterlee Pro and the p40 Pro I currently recording. In 4k, at 30 frames per second I also using the ultra wide lenses on the back of these two devices, and it can probably see force of I am um walking slowly to so. Recording between these two devices would look like at night and for our second up, video recording in Lowell item I using the main lenses on the back of the p30 Pro and the p40 Pro, and, as you can Cover per Apple iPhone XR lilla/viola Con scritte… – Depop probably see for yourself, I am um walking slowly.

So I gon na stop here for a second I pan up and left and back right. Of course, we have more light this time around, so this is no recording done on with a bitter dick bro and the p40 crow would look Cover custodia protettiva Pull in similpelle per Apple iPhone 6/6S like at night. And lastly, we are moving on to selfies well for selfies. Of course, the daytime selfies are a bit better from the YP for April, but another massive over difference. As for the nighttime selfies, yes, they are better they sharper and more clear, but overall, not the crazy difference on for selfies, not as crazy as we seen for some other pictures taking to the rear cameras. So I personally believe that, while we could actually send an update and make the Peter Dubrow take very very similar run pictures Cover Batteria Backup per iPhone 11 Pro Max – 6500mAh would be for a pro. But what do you guys think as for this one, what I was kind of expecting a bit more from the nighttime pictures I get that they trying to make the night pictures look more like night pictures, but I know I kind of prefer the way the Peter Lee prom doesn neither picture. So. Definitely let me know in the comments down below on what you think right guys hopefully enjoyed this video…

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