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Top 12 Tips Tricks From the Pros

Learn how to play at a global top 50 level.

As a regular coque iphone xs max bleu nuit Beat Saber player, it easy to look at the scoreboard after you hit a high score on a song that taken you a while to realize you only hit coque iphone 5s fibre de carbone a 70%, and feel like your accomplishment isn worth much of anything at all. That pretty much how I felt after continually attempting (and failing) to hit a top muzzano coque iphone 6 10 score with BennyDaBeast mapping of coque alfa romeo iphone xs POP/STARS back in December.

So how exactly do the top players coque iphone xs max maintien coque iphone 7 jagermeister do it I sat down and chatted with a handful of the top 50highest ranking players in the Beat Saber community for tips and tricks on how to compete at their level. They did not disappoint. Here are 12 choix coque iphone 5 of the top tips suggested by the pros.

Tip 1: Don Rush Improvement

How to play Beat Saber according to Deno: it seems like a generic answer, the best way to improve is through time. Play play play, but don play to the coque iphone xs max stilgut point where you can hurt yourself. Beat Saber can be very damaging on wrists and arms coque iphone 6s plus rechargeable if coque iphone 5 lancel done excessively. But learning how scoring works is one of the first things a newer player is going to want to learn; the faster you learn how to get the correct angles coque iphone 6 sur iphone 8 and precision within your swings the faster you will improve.

On top of this, I think it helps to watch Beat Saber content, whether it be YouTube videos or twitch streams. Taking in this content coque iphone 5c silicone pokemon can allow you to gain insight on how to play from informative content coque iphone xs max en cuir makers. When faced coque iphone silicone jaune with a new pattern that you cannot do, slow down the song, and work your way up faster and faster until you can do that pattern at 100% speed. For my play style, I describe it as very static, in regards to body movement at least. I hardly use my coque iphone crane mexicain body to move the controllers, rather, using mostly my wrists so I can play high bpm patterns with better endurance. On Vive and Oculus I seen a lot of people who are trying to improve personnaliser coque iphone se pas cher themselves hit a huge wall in Beat Saber because, simply, they hold their controller Most players who start playing the game use what we call Grip (which is hands on the controller and index finger on the trigger.) Basically how you would hold the controller in any other game.

As for all top 100 players, most, if not all, don use coque iphone 5s daisy this grip. They all switched to a different way to hold their controller. For Vive, you have grips like B Grip, Vive Claw Grip, V Grip, and many more. Do you want to improve fast Play with the mindset to improve. You cannot improve without playing lots, especially in pattern heavy rhythm games like Beat Saber, osu!, etc. Focus on your mistakes and fix them, but at the same time, don become absolutely fixated on a mistake. Stuck on something Play something else. For instance, let say you want to improve on scoring on lower BPM stream coque iphone 5s bonne protection songs you would for each time you play a low BPM stream song introduce slightly (ever so slightly) larger swings into your play, and you focus on improving that.

My playstyle varies from day to day some days, I want to jamI move my body like crazy and sacrifice gameplay coque iphone 6 qui recouvre tout occasionally. It is a game and games are meant to be fun after all! Some days I want to purely score well, so I play very static, and put my focus into reducing misses and increasing my 10 point accuracy. challenge map completionist, my advice for people that are seeking to improve on their rank or scoring is to work on their fundamentals. I think everyone would benefit from playing slower songs first and really working on their coque iphone xs max belle accuracy before committing too hard on challenging songs at the detriment of their technique. Make sure you have big coque iphone 4 à rabat arcs in your swings and work at hitting dead center on the notes. Try and consistently score between 105 110 on each note within songs you enjoy that aren overly challenging. I highly recommend utilizing mods such as hit score visualizer, perfection display and also the advanced HUD coque iphone 7 incassable et etanche to gauge your accuracy. I also relax my torso while using nearly nothing but my wrists when swinging. When handling diagonal streams it helpful to tilt your body parallel to the angle of the notes. As for learning complex patterns, that simply takes time and not overthinking it. You need to work your way up to muscle coque iphone 7 pylone memory and instinct, in a sense you sort of off your brain for these patterns. Constantly grinding out songs can be soul sucking. Find the ones that you enjoy most and discover your own form of play. It is a game after all. When I see people I think are capable of playing high difficulty maps who don themselves think they coque iphone 5 licence pure gear dualtek extreme impact blanche can, I have them try Speed of Link, a song with (for the most part) simpler patterns, but high speed. Without fail, the response I get is too fast! or too slow! but at the same time, I observe them swinging the notes too fast. Once I tell them this and they slow down, they eventually able to beat it with practice, when previously they thought it wasn possible…