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overview for HoldMyPeePee When using the telephoto lens, coque iphone se superdry as soon as coque iphone xr fille the camera activates Night Mode, the phone sneakily switches back coque iphone 4 nounours to the main 1x lens but coque iphone 6s mat digitally zooms in to mimic the focal length of the 2x telephoto lens. The camera coque iphone petite robe noire interface gives no indication this switch coque iphone 5s kamehameha has taken place, but I could confirm it coque iphone xr kawai by waving a finger in front of coque iphone 4 yamaha racing the top 1x lens while the camera claimed to be operating coque panthone iphone xr with the magnifique coque iphone 5 2x telephoto. It’s also there in the metadata of the photos the coque iphone 4 troy lee design 4.25mm focal length remains the same between the two despite producing very different frames. coque samsung What I find particularly iphone xr coque stranger things misleading is that Apple has upscaled the digitally zoomed coque iphone xr rigolote photo so coque iphone 6s bigben that the image size (3024 x 4032px) coque iphone 5 camping car remains the same, making it harder to guess at a glance that the image is a coque iphone 6 personnage disney low quality digital zoom. coque huawei In Apple’s coque avion iphone xr marketing they specify which lenses “(Wide coque iphone 6 plus louis vuitton damier and Telephoto)” employ optical image stabilization, but on the very same page of specs say only “Night coque iphone 5 strass swarovski Mode” under the list of camera attributes, coque groot iphone xr leaving out the key detail that it is only available on the wide lens. coque huawei I find that disappointing, not from a coque iphone 6 burger tech but from an honesty standpoint. coque huawei The camera on this phone is nike coque iphone 5c incredible, and I doubt coque iphone 5 avec support anyone would begrudge Apple limiting the power of Night Mode to one lens. coque iphone But it could have been open about this instead of fudging the details.