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The Junghans Max Bill Mega If nothing else, I possess something of a soft spot for oddball watches, for the outliers that manage to step outside of the proven format or play with concepts that belie their original creation. coque huawei From gold bague or violet watches that probably shouldn’t be bague or blanc original gold, to ana digi Breitlings, to watches like the new Max Bill Mega from Junghans. The Mega is a strange image bague or blanc but entirely compelling bague or blanc epaisse bracelet femme walmart mix of Max Bill’s well known watch/clock design crossed with a new radio controlled high accuracy quartz movement all but entirely hiding its feature set cdiscount bague or 375 behind one of the best dial designs in the game. In place of the usual simple quartz or automatic movement, the MEGA has Junghans’s new J101.65, a quartz movement with multi frequency radio time setting, a perpetual calendar (no date correction bague or symbole infini to the year 2400), time zone setting via the crown (without affecting accuracy), and an overall accuracy bague or infinity of +/8 seconds a year (or max 0.02 seconds with radio signal calibration). coque samsung In designing the new movement, Junghans focused on ease bague or avec croix of use and outright accuracy. coque iphone So not only bague or rond will it be possible to set the Mega via the forthcoming smartphone app (slated for iOS and Android in October of bague or homme avec pierre this year), but radio calibration is automatic and processed daily and if you travel, the bague or 9 cts hour display can be updated independently via the crown. coque samsung It get’s nerdier bracelet femme nylon still, with the movement offering Intelligent Time Correction that actively checks and corrects the display of all bague or gris martelé of the hands (and bracelet femme forme ceinture the bague or peridot date) pinterest bague or blanc to bracelet femme avec un diamant the most accurate bague or blanc onyx known time. This information works in conjunction with three motors and Junghans’s top bracelet femme Smart Hand Motion technology that regulates the movement of the seconds hand to the prix bague or emeraude half second and also allows the seconds hand, the minute hand, and the date to jump instantly to the next value, rather than the normal ticking/sweeping motion of a quartz watch. coque huawei In a charmingly German sort of way, there is a pragmatic element to this extreme focus that promotion bague or I love. coque iphone If one is making a movement that can access a highly accurate measure of time, why wouldn’t you make it capable of displaying that accuracy at a very high level. I think this such a cool concept and I would love take a Mega traveling and put the functions through a proper test. Assuming the interface (and presumably the eventual app) is simple enough, with a two year battery, strong everyday styling, and a price point starting at $990 ($1,090 on the bracelet), the Junghans Max Bill Mega should make for an excellent travel watch.