Burma aid delays worrying aust ngos aun yang yakar ng China

Burma aid delays worrying aust ngos aun yang yakar ng China. (Published Thursday, Aug. 15, 2016)

A senior Chinese official has warned India and Pakistan that they will be faced with serious obstacles in reaching peace in Myanmar if they persist in their “aggression” toward Rohingyas and other Muslims and ethnic minorities in the country.

Chang Wulin, a top Chinese foreign ministry official, told reporters Tuesday that China would take “unacceptable steps” against Myanmar if it continues to persist in “aggression.”

The threat came as Myanm우리카지노ar announced우리카지노 that it had reached agreement with China on curbing economic, social, cultural and political repression following months of international condemnation of the violence in Rakhine state that began in August.

T바카라he announcement came just days before a major meeting of Myanmar’s military rulers in China, attended by China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

While there is not much new about the progress made so far in the bilateral talks, China’s decision to formally join the Chinese-sponsored UN peacekeeping force in Rakhine, called UNMISS, was significant given the recent attacks in the country.

China is one of the biggest supporters of Myanmar’s armed forces and a strong proponent of what Beijing says is a non-violent transition, which includes letting thousands of thousands of Rohingya in their homes return and allow them to return to their homes.